Provider Type: Health Care Services Pool
License Number: 2200

DeRBee serves as the leading authority in Career Planning, Mentoring, and Partnering with our clients. We promote Advanced Consultations, Professional Development, Nursing Education, and the Hiring of Health Care Professionals for direct placement to staff, Hospitals, Long-term Care, Assisted Care Living and Rehabilitation Facilities.

DeRBee uses a compassionate approach with every client, focusing on creating unique opportunities for wellness, personal, and professional growth to improve the health outcomes of our community. We are comprised of a committed group of health care professionals, collaborating to provide patient-centered care, and mentoring to empower healthcare candidates to achieve academic success. Proverbs 27:17

Discover your Mind, Body and Soul...

Seeking health care professionals for job placement in Hospitals, Long-term Care, Assisted Care Living Facilities, and Rehabilitation Centers.

Experience the Touch

We are committed to providing flexible schedules:

  • Competitive Salaries
  • Bonuses and Incentives
  • Holiday Pay
  • Shift Differential
  • Continuing Education
  • Career Development

Curriculum Design

DeRBee offers consultation services to academic institutions to review, revise and develop curricula in higher education, including vocational technical and continuing education courses. Curriculum design taxonomies include:

  • Curriculum
  • Goals & Objectives
  • Outcomes & Competencies
  • Curriculum Map or Matrix
  • Learning Resources and Activities

Nursing Education

We specialize in vocational technical training, continuing education, professional development and evidence-based teaching strategies to enhance learning. An array of services include:

  • An authentic curriculum
  • Hands on experiences
  • Information to access scholarships and grants
  • Certified Nurse Educator Exam Preparation
  • Dissertation Coaching

Career Planning

DeRBee specializes in career planning, vocational education, academic progression, continuing education, remediation, and a unique mentorship program. Our services include:

  • Identify career goals
  • Design an individualized map for career success
  • Administer and review learning style assessment
  • Understand emotional intelligence
  • Practice evidence- based interviewing skills

Academic Progression

DeRBee specializes in preparing college candidates for academic progression through assessment and evaluation of individual educational goals to promote academic success. Our services include:

  • Assist candidates to understand the college application process
  • Guide candidates to prepare for college entrance exams
  • Guide candidates to navigate through the college admission process
  • Assist candidates to complete the FAFSA
  • Access to volunteers and mentors in healthcare settings


  • Health Care Services
  • Mentoring and Tutoring Services
  • Nursing Education and Nursing Practice
  • Nursing Research and Nursing Policy
  • Curriculum Design and Accreditation
  • Professional Development and Continuing Education
  • Career Planning and Professional Consultations